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Buying pallets

Buying pallets

At our company we buy used pallets and damaged pallets, offering you a convenient and environmentally friendly solution. We have the necessary documents, allowing us to collect pallets on a waste card, which allows us to operate in accordance with environmental regulations.

Do you care about the segregation of pallets in your company? No problem! We offer the possibility of segregating pallets on site and pricing based on the current price list in effect at the collection center. Our goal is to ensure transparency and fairness in the valuation process so that you receive a fair value for your pallets.

We offer purchase of different types of pallets, such as:

Single-use pallets

Industrial pallets

Euro pallets grade I and grade II

Pallet extensions

All the pallets we buy back go through a process of careful segregation and repair. Our team of professionals ensures that the pallets are in the best possible condition before returning to the market. We also offer our customers support in organizing the transportation of pallets in full truckload (tir) quantities. We also have our own transportation, which allows us to deliver pallets to our customers even in smaller quantities.

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